The Ministry of Transport was established by the Autonomous Cyprus Turkish Administration’s Council of Ministers on October 8, 1974 with the aim of executing local and foreign transportation and communication services. 

The administrative structure of the Ministry is as follows:


In the past the ministry has been variously known as the “Ministry of Public Works and Transport”, “Ministry of Transport and Public Works”, “Ministry of Public Works, Housing and Transport”, “Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Tourism”, “Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Tourism” and “Ministry of Transport”.  


The Ministry of Public Works and Transport is responsible for:


1 The construction and continuing maintenance of all infrastructure facilities necessary to meet the transportation and communication needs of the country. The ministry is also responsible for adopting any and all measures necessary for the development, utilisation and running of these facilities for public benefit in the most effective way and in accordance with national security targets.  


2 Providing postal, telephone and every kind of wired or wireless communication services to the highest possible standards, both within the country and overseas.


3 Establishing relations and signing agreements with companies when required, with the aim of developing maritime and air travel.


4 Executing all construction and public works in an orderly fashion, according to technological developments and contemporary understanding; and providing construction and maintenance services for all public buildings. 


5 Developing the highway network and continuously maintaining existing roads to ensure a safe and easy flow of traffic. 


6 Monitoring and directing the works of institutions implementing regulations with regard to traffic and transportation. Establishing cooperation and coordination among these departments and institutions. Making plans and programs to safeguard the life and property of people; as well as establishing and maintaining order with regard to traffic and transportation   


Apart from the undersecretariat, ministerial directors and directors of planning and projects,

the Ministry of Public Works and Transport is composed of the following departments and institutions which come under the ministry in terms of administrative coordination: 


a.                  Planning and Construction Department


b.                  Highways Department


c.                  Civil Aviation Department


d.                  Sea Ports and Maritime Department


e.                  Postal Department


f.                   Telecommunications Department


g.                  Traffic Department


h.                  Cyprus Turkish Maritime Company


i.                   Cyprus Turkish Coastal Security and Ship Rescue Co Ltd


j.                    Department of Information Technology and Communications


k.                   Cyprus Airport Services (CAS)